Monsoon is here in Delhi and who doesn’t like to have a quick shower in the rain, at least I do! And chai and pakodas just complete the feel of monsoon. But our skin and hair just hate this phase of the year. They both behave so weirdly. The skin gets very oily, sticky and this leads to acne too at times and hair feel so frizzy and sticky. It just gets so irritating as the skin and hair get so oily and sticky very often.

So, I recently got another box from VanityCask who’s theme for this month (July) is Radiant in Rain.



 VanityCask is a subscription box service which sets a theme for their box every now and then like skin care, hair care, bath care, etc. For e.g.: if the theme is skin care, then all the products would be for skin only. It is a periodical subscription and not monthly. The box contains 4-5 luxury deluxe samples, handpicked by experts.




VanityCask sends the products in a sleek black box with a magnetic closure. Inside it, there comes a pink pouch which has all the samples and some discount vouchers. It also has a booklet which has details of all the products.


PRICE  : 999 for monthly subscription




  1. Bblunt Climate Control Anti Frizz Leave-In Cream –

(Full size – 75gms- Rs.250)


This is an amazing leave-in cream to get rid of fizziness during the humid monsoon season. It makes hair more manageable and smoother.


  1. The Nature’s Co. Barley Voluminising Hair –

(Full size – 250ml –Rs.695)  (Sample size –  50ml – Rs.139 approx. )

It is a mild cleanser for everyday use. It instantly adds shine and volume to dull and sleek hair and make them look healthy.


  1. Votre Advance Gel Exfoliance

(Full size – 100gms – Rs.850)  (Sample size – 30gms – Rs.225 approx. )


It is a very soft gel-like scrub which gently exfoliates and cleans the skin and helps you get rid of the dead skin cells.


  1. Gulnare Zesty Lemon Exfoliator

(Full size – 100gms – Rs.650)  (Sample size – 30gms – Rs.195)

This, again, is a good exfoliator, which helps in getting rid of dead skin cells, blackheads and whiteheads. It has an amazing list of ingredients too.


  1. Moroccan Oil Treatment

(Full size – 100ml – Rs.2880)  (Sample size – 100ml – Rs.288)

This is such an amazing leave in serum, I received it in my haircare box too and since then I am completely addicted to it. This tiny little bottle lasted me for more than a month. I am glad that I have got it again.


These were the products that I received in my VanityCask’s Radiant in rain Edition. This time too the box had amazing products and even the size of the samples was pretty decent. I give this box a big thumbs up!

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Grab yours before it’s gone!

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Thank you!