see rencontre gay sida EARLYPICKER, a website which I have raved about a lot in my previous post featuring it. I think I am seriously obsessed with this website as I find myself searching for something or the other here every now and then. You see, I ordered quite a lot of products last time too (checkout the haul here) and before I could even use them even halfway, I ordered some more. WHOA!!!

Let me explain how this happened. As I was scrolling the website to see what new they have, I came across some amazing and funky hair colors from AprilSkin. The colors were available in red, pink, peach, blue and orange and I couldn’t resist so I ended up ordering ten packs of colors; yes you read I right, 10. I know it sounds absolutely crazy but when you will read about these products you would like to buy them too. ABOUT APRIL SKIN TURN-UP COLOR TREATMENT – and 1>vajrayana wikipedia P.S. – This is not a permanent hair dye. It is a color treatment which tints your hair.


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You can also mix up these colors and make a new one. You can see some new combination here. DIRECTIONS TO USE –

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conocer gente con fines serios AprilSkin Turn-up color treatment is basically a hair tinting treatment which provides protein to the hair rather than damaging it like other hair color treatments. It coats the protein on the surface of hair and doesn’t penetrate inside the cuticle, hence doesn’t damage the cuticle shield and color the hair with luminosity.

So far, I have used the red colour but did not colour my head completely. I just coloured the ends of my hair like 3-4 inches of my end portion. It was such an easy process, as you just have to put on the colour for 30-35 minutes. Since my hair were not bleached prior to this treatment, hence it took a little extra time to colour them. My hair felt so soft and shiny after this treatment. They felt quite healthy and bouncy too.

I felt like swiping my fingers in my hair again and again. And you know the best part about these is that they don’t damage the hair at all and stay for just 2-4 weeks which gives you more opportunity to play with the colors.

I give this Turn-up color treatment a big thumbs up and wait to try out a new color, may be orange this time, let’s see. You’ll obviously get to see the picture on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat.


Also, Earlypicker has this policy of sending across free samples if your order exceeds a certain amount. I received the following items, and as you can see, I got some amazing sheet masks too as samples.



Do get yourself these amazing colors from Earlypicker.

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Thank You!!