Doesn’t your hair need the same care and pampering as your skin? After all, your mane is what makes your look complete. In such times as these, pollution, dust, heat, all the styling and chemicals in shampoos, etc add to hair problems leading to dull looking hair, dry mane, frizzy hair, breakage, split-ends (my worst […]


Another product from the ETHICARE REMEDIES, EPICLIN LOTION is marketed by ETHINEXT PHARMA. It is a mild cleansing lotion for sensitive skin. It can be used for babies too. So using this is like pampering yourself like pampering a baby. It is more like a medicinal cleansing lotion. It is very mild on skin and […]

Ethiglo Skin Whitening Deep Cleansing Face Wash

A product of the Ethicare Remedies and marketed by Ethinext Pharma, Ethiglo facewash promises you “skin whitening, deep cleansing, ”. Although it is available only online, it is a “worldwide widely prescribed skin lightening agent”. No wont be as fair as snow white but that tan could just be easily controlled. Ethiglo’s skin lightening range […] – WEBSITE REVIEW

Out of all the beautiful women in this world, the Asians are known to have incomparable flawless skin. We have all come across those trending photos of Japanese and Korean women who do not even look 30 but are in their 50’s. What is their secret, we have all wondered. It is not make-up, mind […]