More than just a must-have, it’s a necessity to keep a roll-on in your bag during this season or any season for that matter. With the change in weather and flesh-melting heat, sweat and infections are just ever-ready to attack our body. In all this battle, our armpits are a major source of both: sweat and infection. So how do you approach this problem? Wax, wash and spray (deo)? Well, that’s not really effective if keep sweating! And for those who do sweat a lot, you’ll be happy to find this! It’s not just a roll-on but, a long-lasting one too.


We have used other roll-ons like Nike, Nivea, and so on. How often they last? Do we actually know the quantity in that tiny plastic bottle? This is where I find Sweatnil Anti-Perspirant Gel Roll-on as a major upgrade on such products.


It is small and compact, so you can carry it around. It has a nice deodorant fragrance and is long-lasting. Shake it a little before use and you’ll realize the amount of gel present in this tiny roll-on bottle. It’s more than enough for a month or two, I’d say! Specially formulated with the right amount of Aluminium Chlorohydrate, it helps in controlling excessive perspiration. However, avoid using it on injured or irritated skin.


The packaging is that of a small plastic bottle, easily fitting into your hand. It is a 50ml bottle with liquid gel filled to the top. Hence, we are able to discern the quantity of the product. Easy to handle, the directions for use are:

  • Wash the area well and pat dry before application.
  • Apply directly on affected areas like palm, foot, underarms, etc.
  • Do not apply on injured or irritated skin.
  • Allow the product to dry completely.


Even though it suggests usage on palms and foot, you can try it out for your under-knees as well. For your hands, it acts like a moisturizer with sweat control. For your feet, it will not only get rid of the sweat and ickiness but also, odor problems due to humidity and perspiration.

In the end, you be the judge whether it’s worth the green minting or not. If you tried/used it, tell us about your experience with it! If you’re pondering to buy one or not, just get yourself one and tell us how it worked out for you?!

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