Out of all the beautiful women in this world, the Asians are known to have incomparable flawless skin. We have all come across those trending photos of Japanese and Korean women who do not even look 30 but are in their 50’s. What is their secret, we have all wondered. It is not make-up, mind you. If you have north-eastern friends, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Indeed, it majorly depends on our diet and food intake. But, apart from that, taking care of your skin naturally, also matters gravely. There are many Asian beauty and skin care products available online as very few are actually available in stores.

I came across this particular site skin which sells Korean skin care products. It is a Hong Kong based website started by Ms. Eugenie Shek and her sister. It was during her visit to Korea that she came across Korean skin-care products. Now let me tell you one thing, these sisters’ duo does not believe in make-up at all. They believe in keeping it ‘natural’ and by ‘natural’, I mean, no mascaras, no compacts, no kohl kajals, etc. Their ultimate aim is to pamper their skin with the best natural ingredients and provide nutrition to skin. Her dream, she says, is to spread the love of sheet masks/face masks. That is why, this website of hers, gives away free samples. Bingo! Isn’t it? We just have to pay for the shipping. Now, back to her story, when Eugenie came across these Korean skin care brands and their products, she was impressed to say the least. The effects and the results were instantaneous. Henceforth, she introduced these Korean brands in her website.


Skin18 offers various korean skincare brands like- Banila, BeautyFriends, Ben &S era, Innisfree, Laffair+SOC, and many more. They also give out these magical serums, packed in syringes. I, personally, found the packing very attractive and creative. As they are more into skincare than make-up, they have a huge variety of products. For example, they have a great many options in cleansers, facewashes, toners, lotions, masks and sheet masks, moisturisers, etc. By far, the only make-up item they have are BB and CC creams.


Till now, you guys, have a fairly good idea of what this website has to offer. In addition to it, these skin care products are available for all ages. Some of them are so appealing (their packing or even their names!) that your heart just gives in to these desires. They have special anti-ageing serums and face packs and boy! Don’t they work a miracle? You can order free samples from this website. Either you can choose which samples you want or just go for their sample packs which includes 10-12 different products.They have many free masks promotions going on, you just have to pay for the shipping! ($3 for up to 4 masks, $6 for 10 items, etc.).No more hidden charges.

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You might think they are a bit dodgy and untrustworthy, but this sister duo is very sincere and want to spread the love of facial masks, especially. It is her ultimate dream, she says. I truly believe that Eugenie and her sister are really passionate about skin care and wants every one of us to have an intensive skin care regime, including the best of Asian beauty care products. When I contacted Skin18 for collaboration, Eugiene was kind enough to agree in one go and she sent me a good amount of samples. Listing below what I got from Skin18 –

• Mirium Fresh Fruit Honey Real Nature Mask Pack
• Mirium Collagen Real Nature Mask Pack
• Sense of Care 3-step Vita Brightening Intensive Care Mask
• Sense of Care Syn-ake 3D Mask
• Four Season Red Ginseng White Clean Active Mask
• Four Season Snail Repairing Wrinkle Care Intensive Mask
• Ben & Sera 7 days whitening Miracle
• Ben & Sera 30 days anti-ageing project
• Ben & Sera 15 days anti-wrinkle Taeng Taeng



You guys must be thinking I am speaking about them this way because I have been sent products by them or that I have collaborated with them, but hey, no. This is not the case. The founder, Eugiene is the best person I have come across in this field. I am a new blogger and knowing this fact she trusted me and A Myriad of Charm and found us capable enough to review our products.

Thank you so much Skin18 and Eugiene.

Product reviews soon coming up on blog. Stay tuned.

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