First impression is the last impression. Never before had I tried any ‘peel-off’ face masks and to be honest, this experience and its impression has been wonderful. I am glad that my first peel-off mask was from RISHI RATNA’S REMEDIES. Though it’s products are available only online , the quality and results are unquestionable. Operating from Pune, Mumbai; RISHI RATNA’S deals only in peel-off face packs. It is ideal for people with sensitive skin and what more is that it has a great variety of face masks to choose from. The major plus point it has is that it is ‘unisex’, i.e, no gender discrimination here. Gentlemen and ladies, they are made for both of you. So, all handsome men and pretty ladies can take care of their skin and skin problems equally. There are 10 amazing varieties to choose from and a product for every type of skin and it’s problems. I will review about 3 of them, and from that you can imagine what other varieties have in store for you!!



They come in 10 different varieties. Each pack containing a packet of 20g powder. Price range differs from product to product, starting from 95 Rs. onwards. If you are a first timer like me, then just follow the instructions given at the back of the pack and you’ll be able to find your way. However, make sure you take the right quantity of powder and water for the mixture. And mix it well. The mixture somewhat looks like a thick, jelly-like paste and you should apply a thick but uniform coat. It should be uniformly thick else while removing it’ll like facial-waxing. Give it ample time to dry and it’ll come off easily. No messiness, no gooey-feeling. Simple, hasslee-free procedure and you get softer,brighter skin. Though , however, all products have one similarity,i.e, it is made for skin lightening and brightning. It is effective for pore-size reduction and hydration. Yet, different variety are available for oily and dry skin, or for bridal and pre-bridal treatment, etc. Although it is mentioned that it’s for one-time use, you can use it 3-4 times by using just enough quantity for one person. In short, use it judiciously so that you can use it multiple times.



With the goodness of rose petals and rose hip, this face mask gives your skin a rejuvenation and keeps it hydrated. It aids in reduces spots or redness of skin. Rose hip acts as an anti-aging agent, also. Beetroot extracts, rich in iron and carotene, result in soft and glowing skin. The presence of aloe gives your skin the much needed moisturizing and healing.



With orange, amla and pineapple, it works in three ways. The orange lightens skin tone, giving a fairer look and improving skin-texture. Amla cleanses pores, reducing its size and thus avoids any skin problems. Pineapple, acts an anti-oxidant, gives firmness and restores elasticity of the skin.



A personal favourite, this one just works as a solution to all. With lavender and amla, it is
perfect for sensitive skin which is prone to skin-problems. Amla, rich in vitamins, reduces pores and pore size, also acts as an anti-oxidant, tightens and brightens skin giving it a fairer and fresh look. Lavender is the soothing agent which also works as an antiseptic and calms the irritated skin. Additionally, having anti-fungal properties, it cleanses the skin and prevents any skin eruptions.

To conclude, i’ll definitely recommend all to try this range of face masks atleast once. People with sensitive and aging skin might find more suitable for them but I’m pretty sure it’ll work the same wonders for all skin types. Nowadays, as more and more herbal poducts are in demand, one needs to be careful about its quality too because when it comes to skin care, there should be no compromises. And RISHI RATNA’S HERBAL REMEDIES tick off all the criteria for a good herbal product/face-mask. I hope, they will soon come out with more product ideas other than face masks.


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P.S. – Samples sent by the company but the review is cent percent genuine.

– Written by Srishti Chatterjee.
– Photos by Farhan ul haque and Aliya Naaz