Makeup removers are a basic need of those who wear makeup but love their skin too, if you are one of those who wear makeup either regularly or occasionally then you need micellar water in your life. Micellar water is the new trend in the makeup remover category. They are very easy to use (just like you use toner with a cotton pad) and they do the job perfectly. In this post, I am going to review a Micellar facial cleanser and makeup remover from WOW Skin Science.


Micellar Technology was first developed in France. Micellar cleanser has tiny oil molecules suspended in water which can full of the dirt, makeup and impurities from the skin, leaving it clean.





Price – Rs. 599 for 180 ml.


I am one of those who wears makeup at least 3 to 4 days a week (be it minimal or heavy) and I always make sure to remove it properly by the end of the day. Till now, I have been using makeup remover wipes from various brands for that purpose but ever since I have got acquainted with micellar water from WOW and Garnier, I am just hooked to them.

Wow facial cleanser and makeup remover comes in a cardboard box packaging which has all the necessary details on it. The packaging is matte silver in colour which looks very pretty. Inside it, the bottle comes with a very unique way of dispensing the product. You just need to place a cotton pad on this transparent lid of the dispenser and press it 2-3 times and you will get sufficient amount of the product on the cotton pad. This one-press dispenser bottle has a tight lid too which makes it spill-proof and travel friendly.

Coming to the makeup removal part, it may not be the quickest makeup remover I have come across but it does its job really well in a few swipes on any area. Non-waterproof makeup is easy to remove in just 2 to 3 swipes and with waterproof makeup 4-5 swipes are more than enough. You don’t have to tuggle or pull to get the makeup out, it does it easily. It is also effective in removing impurities, dirt, grime, oil and cleansing the skin without water.

Swatch of a matte, kiss-proof lipstick.


First swipe of the remover.


Results after the first swipe. Lipstick is almost gone ( slight stains left).

This cleanser and makeup remover is super light and gentle on the skin. It leaves the skin very hydrated and soft the list of the ingredients is pretty impressive too. The product has no parabens, sulphate, mineral oil, alcohol and synthetic fragrance which means it is free from chemicals.

The only weird and disappointing thing I noticed with this is that it foams on the face. Though this foam doesn’t irritate the skin but I feel uncomfortable in using it around my eyes.

This product is good for all skin types.


Overall, this product is worth the price and it does its job pretty. Quantity-wise the price is good too, I just wish it didn’t foam when contacted with the skin because it bothers me at times and might bother some of you too.


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P.S. – Right before posting this review, I noticed that Amazon and WOW’s website are offering this Rs. 200 off on this product, so now you can get this for Rs.399 only, which a pretty amazing deal.


P.S. – PR sample but views are honest.
  • Nidhi Dedhia

    I really liked the packaging so convenient!! and ur concern is right! it should not foam it might irritate sensitive skin people!!

    • Aliya Naaz

      Packaging wise it is very convenient to use but yea it foam, though that doesn’t irritate the skin at all but it bothers me, especially when I have to remove my eye makeup, that is why I avoid using it anywhere around my eyes.