Doesn’t your hair need the same care and pampering as your skin? After all, your mane is what makes your look complete. In such times as these, pollution, dust, heat, all the styling and chemicals in shampoos, etc add to hair problems leading to dull looking hair, dry mane, frizzy hair, breakage, split-ends (my worst nightmare!) and so on. Going herbal might be the solution but your hair needs more. Your pretty mane needs a hair serum which could rescue it from all the problems and protect it from the harmful UV rays and pollution. I had posted a review about Ethiglo facewash which was marketed by Ethicare Remedies. They are also market a hair serum called Trichoz which is known for its hair sealing effect. Simlilar to your leave on conditioners like livon and all, yet it is quite different as acts a repairing agent while simultaneously smoothening your hair to give you a good hair day.


It comes in well packed carton of black color which gives it a quite classy look. It’s a 50ml pack costing Rs. 180 only. It contains a blend of conditioners, amnino acids, U.V filter, anti oxidants and hair moisturisers. It is a transparent “fibre-sealing” serum with an elegant but sweet-strong scent. It claims to “instantly seal, smoothen, soften, stregthen & repiar dry, rough, tangle hair, ideal to prevent hair fall & promote hair growth”. With regular use, it is effective in damage control. It is so much better than the hair lotions available in the market.


I know, I know, you all know how to use these stuffs but this one needs proper use and application. Depending upon your hair length and thickness, take a sufficient amount, yet not too much. Make sure to apply it only from mid-length to the tips. Do not use it on your roots, it will only make your scalp oily and greasy. Spread it evenly, covering each strand of hair and brush your hair with your hands. You will see that there are no tangles to deal with and your mane emits a nice glowing shine. If you have frizzy hair and fly-aways then take a wet tissue and pour a drop of the serum and use that to tame that frizz. Also, avoid using it on a daily basis during humid weather conditions.


Aliya asked me to write a post about this and to try it but I am keeping this one for myself! Even if I forget to condition my hair, just a dab of this serum makes my hair look all good and new. I have very dry and frizzy hair and due to this heat, it just complicates by hair combing sessions. Using this saves alot of time. No tangles to deal with, no frizzy hair, reduces hairfall problem, all in all this one has become a part of my daily routine. Now I can let my hair down (literally!). It is ideal for all hair types. Take one for yourself and see the
difference. Give your hair the rejuvenation it deserves!


To know more about the company you can check out the Ethicare Website, Ethinext Pharma Website.

You can buy this product from here.

Written by – Srishti Chatterjee
Photos by – Farhan Ul Haque