Lips- that one part of our body which we never forget to doll up but when it comes to taking care, we completely overlook them. We all have a routine pampering for our hair, skin, nails, feet, etc. but nothing more than lip balm or Vaseline for your dear lips. Don’t they work so hard to keep that glowing smile of ours, right!? Then why not take care of them too. This one lip scrub is all you need.

Tattva’s Exotic Chocolate Lip Scrub is just wow! These lil’ chocolate brown granules have the goodness of cocoa, brown sugar, almond oil and vitamin E. It scrubs out the dead skin and makes your lips visibly soft and supple. It is ideal for getting rid of dry-chapped lips or dark lips. Available in just a 15gm pack. This one scrub you can take anywhere and use anytime. After all, our lips deserve to be exfoliated, rejuvenated and refreshed too! It has a strong bitter sweet chocolate aroma, which makes you want to eat it.



This wonderful product from Tattva by Shabia Walia has another advantage. Tattava’s significant part of the profit, from these products goes to an NGO foundation called THE BLUE BELLS COMMUNITY which was started by Shabia Walia to support the under-privileged. Imagine pampering yourself and simultaneously contributing towards a good cause! Just another reason why you should go for tattava products other than the obvious, that they are 100% natural and organic. Free of chemicals and hand-crafted.


This lip scrub is one of my favourite of Tattva’s. They have other flavours too, though. The results are instantaneous. With Tattva Exotic Chocolate Lip Scrub, your lips become soft, supple, smooth and so unresistingly kissable. So much so that, I keep licking and chewing my own lips!


Price – Rs. 175 for 15 g.
You can but it from here.
Visit Tattva’s website for more info about the company and their other products.

Written by – Srishti Chatterjee
Photos by – Aliya Naaz