REVIEW- MAMAEARTH C3 FACE MASK (to reduce pigmentation)

Being a mom is not an easy job, though I haven’t experienced motherhood yet as I am not married but I can still say that as I have seen my mom working endlessly for us and still never complains. The signs of motherhood can be seen on the face too and the basic sign is pigmentation. I recently came across this brand called “MAMAEARTH” which is Asia’s 1st Toxin-Free Made Safe certified brand. And their face mask called C3 face mask which contains charcoal, coffee, clay and fruit extracts claims to reduce pigmentation, dark spots and a lot more.

MamaEarth is a brand especially for moms, moms-to-be and their babies but others can also use these products for specific concerns.

Their moto – ‘A brand, by a parent, for the parent.’




The products are free from –

– Paraben

– Phthalates


– Mineral Oil






PRICE : Rs.599 for 100ml.


Not just pregnancy, but pollution, dirt and sun exposure too can bring dullness, unevenness, darkening, pigmentation and what not to your skin. And to get rid of all this, it is very essential to use a face mask that is expert in sucking all the gunk and dirt from the face. Charcoal, clay and coffee are experts in this.


C3 Face Mask comes in a tub container with a screw lid inside and it also has an additional lid inside (a very tight one) to avoid spilling. The packaging seems travel friendly but since the tub size is huge, I wouldn’t carry it while travelling. The color combination of white and pink makes the tub eye-catching.


The facemask is in ready-to-use form. It is dark grey in color and has a refreshing fragrance of peppermint. The mask has a slightly thick yet creamy texture, which applies smoothly on the skin.


Here C3 stand for-

  1. Charcoal – Helps in reducing blemishes, toxins, excess sebum and oil.
  2. Coffee – Brightens complexion.
  3. Clay – Tightens the skin and prevents wrinkles.


It also have mulberry, papaya and cucumber which are known to be effective for reducing scars, pigmentation and even out the skin tone. So, overall, the ingredients’ list is very impressive.

I have been using this face mask regularly (twice a week) from past one month and can clearly tell that it does all what it claims. It removes the dirt and impurities really well. It also brightens up the skin and after a few uses only, you’d notice your pigmentation and acne scars diminishing. It also makes the skin feel fresh, hydrated and makes it glow. My skin doesn’t feel dry or stretchy after using this face mask which normally happens with other charcoal or clay masks.



Charcoal masks have always been my favorite detoxifying mask but in this one coffee and clay make it even better. This is probably one of my favorite at the moment as you see its detoxifying and brightening action right after 2-3 uses which is great for an impatient person like me.


I highly recommend this product as it stands true to each of its claims and is definitely natural and safe.

Check out their website here.

Buy it from here  – MamaEarth, Amazon, Flipkart.