You guys probably know by now how much I love natural and handmade products. Lately, I am obsessed with handmade soaps because they are way better than those fancy-looking soaps available in the market.

In today’s post, I want to introduce a new brand of handmade soaps, i.e., Keya Bath & Body Works.


The box that I got has four soaps namely:

1) Colour Blast


As the name suggests, the soap looks very colorful and attractive. It smells very fresh and flowery and reminds me one of the famous and much loved drugstore soap (don’t remember the name).
Price – Rs.100 for 100gm.

2) Shea Butter


I don’t think I need to emphasize much on the properties and goodness of Shea Butter. Shea Butter is known to moisturize and nourishe the skin. This soap too moisturizes the skin very well; after bath, a very light moisturizer is required and you are good to go. This Shea Butter soap smells like a bit buttery.
Price – Rs.100 for 100gm.

3) Olive


Olives are known to be very healthy for skin, body and health. Olive as an ingredient in soaps, makes the soap hyper-moisturising and rich in anti-oxidants. Keya’s Olive Soaps does what an olive soap is supposed to do. It smells pleasant and a bit fruity; but one can’t really make out by smelling that it is an Olive Soap.
Price – Rs.80 for 100gm.

4) Charcoal


I have never tried a charcoal soap in my life and when I saw the label of this soap saying ‘charcoal’ I got super-excited. Charcoal is known to be quite beneficial to the skin as it extracts toxins from beneath the skin and also helps in healing in curing bacterial infections. Coming to Keya’s Charcoal Soap, I don’t have much to say about this one. It is as moisturising as the other soaps from the same brand but I didn’t notice any of the properties of charcoal working on my skin. No doubt it made the skin squeaky clean but I didn’t see the infection or acne on my body healing. But this soap is very gentle on the skin.
Price – Rs.80 for 100gm.

Why Keya Bath & Body Works’ Soaps are better than the Commercial Soaps?

1. These soaps are handmade and are free of any harsh chemicals.

2. Commercials soaps contain synthetic cleansers and fragrances that can block your pore and cause irritation. Thankfully, Keya’s soaps don’t have artificial fragrance that can harm the skin in any way.

3. These soaps are free of SLS, preservatives and parabens.


What I liked about these soaps?

-Gentle, don’t dry out the skin.
-Creamy texture.
-All these soaps have a nice and soothing fragrance.
-Washes out easily.

What I didn’t like about these soaps?

-No ingredients’ list on the packaging.
-Availability is an issue.

I really like all of these soaps. Winter is that season in which our skin needs the most of moisturisation and it can’t be skipped and these soaps are there to the rescue. They have all the properties that an ideal soap must have. I highly recommend these soaps.

You can find them here :
Facebook – Keya bath & body works
Instagram – @asthapranav