A few days back I received a hair oil from IRAYA which I am using quite regularly these days as it works great for my hair. Today, I am going to be talking about IRAYA KUMKUMADI BALM.

What is Kumkumadi? What it does to the skin?

Kumkumadi is known to be one such Ayurvedic ingredient/ product which improves the texture of the skin, evens out the complexion and gives relief to problems like acne, scars, pigmentation, blackheads, dark circles, tanning and what not. It has anti-ageing properties too. It improves the skin from within and makes it look radiant, healthy and younger. All in all, it is a miraculous product.

Almost every brand claims to be selling products with authentic Kumkumadi in it but very few turn out to be genuine. Iraya is one such brand which offers quite a few Kumkumadi products.



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PRICE : Rs. 795 for 50gm



A balm may sound very happy and sticky because that is how a regular balm type face product comes here in India. But Iraya’s Kumkumadi Balm doesn’t fall in that category. It is a product which is a little heavier than a usual moisturizer which makes it ideal for the winter season. It can be used in summers too by dry skin beauties. (Iraya has a gel-based Kumkumadi product for summers too. It is by the name Saffron Elixir).

This product is all natural and free from chemicals. Ayurvedic products take their own time to show the effects but this one started showing results in just one week. It is helped me in lightening the blemishes, acne scars and gave me a healthy glow. It also kept my skin hydrated and flake free.

It can get a little greasy and heavy but since I used to use it during the colder months; it didn’t make my skin look oily. Most of the times, I used to apply it at night to avoid any sort of greasiness. Also, as the product mentions, you actually need a very little amount for the entire face and so I think my jar would last really long.

The product has an Ayurvedic fragrance, which may bother some. Also, the packaging is not travel friendly as it has a glass packaging and is bit heavy too but otherwise this frosted glass packaging looks classy.



Continued usage of this product has made my skin better than before. It looks healthy, nourished and clearer now. My skin’s overall texture has also improved.

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