Today’s review is about a pure cold-pressed Ayurvedic oil from Iraya. It is called Japakusum oil.



You can read this here as this post explains it really well – Livestrong.



Iraya is an Ayurvedic brand which has a huge range of skincare and hair care products. The products are –

  • Made from purest natural ingredients.
  • Natural preservatives are used.
  • Made with naturally derived colours and fragrances.
  • Made with natural emulsifiers and emollients.

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PRICE – Rs. 200 for 100 ml.



So as you know, if you follow me on Snapchat, that I  got Hair Smoothening done a few months back (for the third time in the last four years) because I feel when you get it done you don’t have to put in much efforts in doing them every morning (yeah, me being lazy all the time 😛 ). So with rebonding and smoothening come hair fall too and one has to use good serums and oils to overcome that and hence I started I started using Iraya’s Japakusum Hair oil a few days back.

This oil has a good, all natural ingredients’ list which is good for providing nourishment to the hair. The oil is orange-red in colour. I use it twice a week and like to apply it at night and then leave it overnight. After a few weeks’ usage, I can say that my hair fall has reduced a bit and hair feel a little more manageable now. The frizz has also lessen somehow. Over all, it is doing what it says. But mind it, you have to be consistent with it to see the results since it has all the Ayurvedic ingredients.

The only thing that I don’t like about it is the strong Ayurvedic smell. It stays for pretty long. I feel that this smell might bother some of you, just like it bothers me. But I think I can deal with this fragrance if it continues to show good results.

Also, this product is quite affordable too.


Overall, I quite like everything about this oil except for its smell. It is affordable and does what it claims. I totally recommend it if you don’t want to loose any more of your hair or just wish to improve the quality of your hair. It is all natural and has good ingredients.

You can find more about this product here – Facebook, Instagram, Website.

You can but it from here.

Thank you.