With the change in season, we ladies find a heck of a task changing our beauty care routine. For example, as the season changes to a bit harsh and dry winter, we need a change in the type of cream we use. Even my oily skin is suffering due to this weather change. Though winters are my favourite and it is a relief to finally be able to apply any cream, finding the correct and ideal moisturiser is no child’s play. So, I had tried out this Fuschia’s Garden Lavender Day Cream with SPF 15.


Previously, when I had used this , I found it a bit too oily for my skin type. But these days, this is proving an angel! Though I’ll say that this cream is best suited for dry to normal skin type people, this winter, people with oily skin can give it a try too.


Available mostly online only, this little baby costs Rs. 525 for a 50gm pack.

If you think it is a bit much for a moisturising cream, i would lie to remind you of the brand. Fuschia is a product by the Vkare Bio Sciences Pvt. Ltd. They are the new brand known for its handmade products, made with 100% natural and vegetarian ingredients. Their products are SLS and paraben free. It is the best natural and herbal care you can give to your skin.3

The cream’s texture is very smooth and the creamy color is just so appealing. It has a mild, soothing lavender fragrance which almost makes me think of those spa-scented sandals. The best results are seen with a continued usage within a fortnight. The soft and refreshing feeling it leaves is indeed incomparable. With SPF 15, it works as your sunscreen too. Best for dry skin people during the summers, this cream leaves your skin moisturised and healthy looking. Though after application some may feel a bit dry, but that is for a few moments, but after a while, the real effects start showing.


Containing lavender oil, jojoba oil, carrot seed oil and aloe vera, this cream not only moisturises but also, reduces fine line and prevents acne. Thus, the USP of this cream I’ll say would be that it can be used by ladies of all age groups. After all, you are never too old to pamper your skin and rejuvenate them.

Product reviewed by Srishti Chatterjee.