Very recently Everteen, a brand known for good personal hygiene products, came out with their Natural Cotton Sanitary Napkins. I have always used cotton sanitary napkins only because the other ones tend to give rashes at times so I was very excited and keen to use these ones.


a myriad of charm



a myriad of charm


PRICE- Rs.249 for 10 pads.


The sanitary napkins come in a good quality cardboard box with 2 complimentary Everteen Intimate wipes. The individual packaging of each of these pads is very similar to that of Sofy and Whisper Sanitary Napkins. This individual packaging is very hygienic. The box has all the necessary information.

a myriad of charm


The pads are quite thin and are 100% cotton. The wings are of appropriate size and the good thing is that these pads are unscented. The pads are quite large in size which makes it’s a good option for every lady. I have used the complete pack now and I feel that these sanitary napkins are very comfortable ones and they don’t irritate the skin at all. The absorption speed is quite impressive because cotton pads tend to absorb quite slow but these ones are an exception. These also have anti-bacterial protection so there’s no chance of any kind of infection.

a myriad of charm


Also, I felt that the price is a bit too much but then it is worth it. The price does the justice.


a myriad of charm



-100% cotton pads.



-Doesn’t irritate at all.

-Good absorption

-Size is quite good.

-Provide anti-bacterial protection.



-A bit expensive.

a myriad of charm



These pads have worked really well for me. I like them more because of the fact that they are made of 100% natural cotton which makes them soft and helps in keeping away rashes. The quality of the pads is quite nice. And above all it gives protection from bacterial infection which gives it an upper hand in comparison with other brands. If you have sensitive skin, and you tend to get rashes during that time of the month these you should give these a shot. I highly recommend these ladies!

You can buy it from here – Flipkart.