The day you feel that okay, winter is now finally going, the very next day the weather proves you wrong. Winter in Delhi was about to say bye-bye but then it came back with a bang. This comeback is proving to be very drying and harsh for the skin and so the moisturisation game needs to be very strong these days. I recently started using Ethicare Remedies-Hydromax Cream to see if it proves to be a good moisturizer. Let’s see how it performed.





Hydromax Cream comes in a sleek white coloured tub with a screw lid. The packaging is quite simple and handy. It is travel friendly.

The texture of the cream is a bit on the thicker side (like a typical winter cream) but when applied it doesn’t feel heavy at all. It gets completely absorbed into the skin after 2 minutes of application. Its heavy formula allows it to work as a great massage cream too.

The formula of this cream is very nourishing and moisturizing and the good part is it doesn’t feel sticky at all. Since the formula is on the heavier side, I would advise you not to apply it directly on any body part rather rub it in between your palms to warm it a bit and then apply it. This will help in even and hassle-free application. Also, because of the heavy formula, it works as great foot and hand cream as it gives instant moisturisation.
This cream makes the skin soft, smooth, supple and helps in combating the issue of dry and rough skin.

It has the goodness of natural butters like Shea butter and Kokum butter and essentials oils like Olive and Avacado oil.


Price – Rs. 199 for 100gm .

• Moisturising
• Travel friendly
• Pocket friendly
• Good for dry skin
• Goodness of natural butters and essential oils
• Works as good foot and hand cream
• Leaves skin soft, smooth and supple

• A bit greasy
• Needs efforts for even application.


Read more about this product here. Buy it from here.

Hydromax cream works as a great moisturiser during winter but the only thing that I dislike about it is the heavy formula. No doubt, it is nourishing. If you like to apply heavy moisturises or creams in winter, then this is the right option for you.