Hyaluronic Acid fever is high these days. Skincare products with Hyaluronic Acid in them are getting famous and much demanded these days. It is known to be a ‘wonder’ ingredient. So, do you know what Hyaluronic Acid is and what it does?

What is Hyaluronic Acid for?

Let me explain it to you in very simple terms – Hyaluronic Acid’s main property is that it helps in retaining the moisture of our skin as it has a great capacity to hold water. This also helps in maintaining skin’s glow and elasticity; also helps in maintaining youthful skin.

I have seen a lot of products in the market with Hyaluronic Acid as one of their ingredients but I found that the percentage of it is very low in those products. Recently when I came across Hyalugel from Ethicare Remedies, I got to know Hyaluronic Acid is the main ingredient in this and it attracted me more to the product. Let’s see how this product worked for me.




PRICE – RS 250 FOR 30g


The product comes in a cardboard box packaging with a regular looking tube inside. All the details are there on both the box and the tube. The tube is very travel friendly as it is very compact.

The product has a clear jelly-like texture which feels slightly cool on the skin. This gel is odorless which is great.

My skin doesn’t breakout often (*touchwood*) but I need to pamper it like a baby when it comes to hydration and moisturization as it starts feeling thirsty (like dry and flaky) if I don’t moisturize it well.

When I apply this Hyalugel on my face, it gets absorbed within seconds. It is super lightweight on the skin. It makes my skin look glow-y and it feels quite soft and smooth too. It also controls the sebum effectively and gives a matte yet hydrating look to the face. Another thing that I noticed is that this gel minimizes the size of the pores if used regularly.



Hyalugel from Ethicare Remedies is one pocket-friendly product which gives a good dose of hydration to the skin along with benefits like elasticity, glow, soft and smooth skin, reduction in pore size etc. I highly recommend this awesome product for every skin type.


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