I am not a huge fan of skin LIGHTENING products because I am happy with my skin tone, the only few things that bother me are dark spots, acne scars, pigmentation and uneven tone. I feel if a skin lightening product is good then it really helps in solving these skin issues. I recently started using Estrella Intenso lightening Polish to see if it helps me in solving these skin problem. So let’s see if it worked or not.






Rs. 399 for 40g.



The product comes in a sturdy packing with a flip-top cap. It has all the necessary information on the outer (carton) packaging as well on the tube packaging. The tube is travel friendly too.

The product in the tube packaging has a mild fragrance which is so good, I can’t describe this fragrance in words but I love it.

Coming to the product now, which is a lightening polish as it says, it has the texture of a mild exfoliator/ scrub which is a plus point as it helps in removing the dead skin cells. It has a creamy texture which doesn’t feel hard or gritty at all. Since it has a gentle texture, it can be used twice a week. The product d very easy to use as it works in two ways as a mask and as a scrub.


Results –

From the first use itself I noticed a brightening effect and after 2-4 uses, I could actually notice it working on my dry patches as it exfoliates the skin, and lightens the acne scars and pigmentation. It makes the skin feel soft and smooth instantly. It also clears out the dirt and traces of pollution from the face and makes it look fresh and hence helps in avoiding blackheads and whiteheads. I love how effectively it does its works and stands true to its claims.

Since I have a combination skin type, it suited me but if you have a sensitive or acne-prone skin type, I would suggest you to do a patch test first.

Check out Estrella’s website here.

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