I recently got a Diamond Mask from R.K’s Aroma which is a completely new brand for me. So after using it for quite a few times, I thought of sharing my honest reviews with you all.

To begin with my review, let me tell me I am a huge fan of Diamond Masks and gels but I like them from a few specific brands only, So I had mixed feelings for this one.



R.K’s Aroma is brand which highly believes in the therapeutic values and considers them important in the selection of natural aromatic oils and present unique blends of biodegradable health and beauty care products. They use natural ingredients. Their products are made with 100% oure and natural essential oils and they are cruelty free too.





PRICE – Rs. 420 for 50gm.



The packaging of the mask is ok for me, nothing too fancy about it. It is quite sturdy though. Coming to the mask, it looks like further Earth’s face pack- exact same color.

When you apply the mask on you face it goes on smoothly, i.e., it has a smooth texture and it spreads evenly on the face. It dries off pretty quickly and when you wash it off you see a deeply cleansed face. It makes the skin look brightened up and smooth. It takes away the dullness from the face pretty quickly.

I like this mask but the only point of concern is that the product in the jar dries up too quickly. So, till the first few uses, it had a consistency that allowed it to be applied directly on the face but after that it started drying up. To overcome that problem I have to mix rose water to it every time I used it.



I think I am going to stick to this to diamond mask until I finish it. Also, I feel if I use this mask along with other products from the same range, the result would be even more amazing because the entire facial with a specific range gives better results than using products from different facial kits/ranges.

I hope you like this review!

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You can find this product here – Diamond Mask.