£1 (1 POUND) = 87 INR (APPROX)


Is it just me who loves makeup products that are available in UK, ones which you can easily get there for 2 to 3 pounds,  or do you guys too crave to buy them ? My brother recently visited UK for some work and I shamelessly asked him to shop a bit for me from Primark and Poundland.  Both of these are the places where you get makeup and skincare at a very good price. And he was kind enough to send me pictures of the items available there so that I could choose what I wanted. So, in this post, I am just going to show you what he got for me from Primark.


Primark is basically like our forever 21 but the price there are a little less than here and the beauty section there is crazy; they have every beauty/makeup item that you need and they are of pretty good quality. These items are value for money. So, let’s see what I got from there:


  1. PS Argan Facial Cleansing Wipes (for dry skin) – £1.00 for 2 packs of 25 wipes each.

Isn’t this an amazing deal; you are getting 50 wipes for 1 pound that too with argan in them. I found this deal super cheap as you’d never get this quality and variant of wipes anywhere here. I use these to remove my makeup and they do it decently.


  1. PS Master Eye Palette – £6.00 

I got the neutral shades variant in this palette because I knew I would use such colors more. It has some mattes as well as some shimmery shades. The pigmentation of these shadows is good and for the price, it is again an amazing palette.

  1. PS Camouflage Palette – £3.00 

This is a palette that can be used to conceal as well as correct. I went for the medium to dark variant. It has a creamy texture which blends in easily.

  1. PS Concealer – £0.90 

0.90 Pound, like what? Even cheap brands in India don’t sell concealers at this price. And when I saw the price, I was like I have to get this. I haven’t used it till now but I saw it in some Youtuber’s haul video and she said she likes it, so I am hoping that it works well for me also.

  1. PS Instant Fix Concealer Crayon- £2.00 

This shade is quite dark for me so I might just use it fir contouring. It’s a very convenient to use this crayon as it has a twist around mechanism at the bottom.


  1. Wish Eau De Perfume – £2.00 

I bought this only because it looked cute but it smells amazing too and the size is travel friendly too as you can easily put it in any of your hand bags.

  1. Dual USB Charging Cable- £2.50 

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Every haul of Primark that I have watched on Youtube featured USB Cables from Primark. Primark has them in some gorgeous colors like sky blue, pink, Rose Gold. I got this smaller one in 20 cm for my power bank. It is great as it can be used for iPhone as well as for android and it charges the phone fast too.

So, this is my mini haul from Primark and I just saw the new beauty collection at Primark UK’s website which is absolutely amazing, you should hit your nearest Primark store if you are in UK or USA.

I hope you liked it post and stay tuned for my next haul, which is going to be from Poundland.