Pond’s White Beauty range of products are oh-so-awesome! As soon as I saw this new Pearl Cleansing Gel’s promotional advertisement, I was determined to grab one for myself. As I have oily skin, I tend to invest in face washes which can give a thorough clean-up without leaving any trace of oily moisturising effect. However, with multiple usage of multiple face washes, I find very few which live up to these expectations.

Pond’s new Pearl Cleansing Gel works wonders on your skin. It’s oxy-gel formula gives you a refreshing, radiant look along with removing all the oil and dirt accumulated on your skin after your long,hard-working day. It leaves you with a cool and re-energized skin. The Pearl essence is known to give you a glowing, fair skin and you’ll be happy to see the results. It might not be easily available just yet as it is a brand new product. But, give it a few days or just order online/at a medical store. It is available in two sizes- 50g and 100g, costing Rs.95 and Rs.175, consequently. It comes in a very simple and sober, pink coloured see-through tube and the gel is thick, transparent with visible air-bubbles (imagine, pearls!). It has a little strong but that sweet pond’s-scented smell.


To be truthful, this would be suited for people with oily or extremely oily skin. Also, do not
exceed the quantity you take for applying or your skin would end up feeling as dry as a parched throat, even for those with oily skin. However, it is a good cleansing gel. Best for removing greasy make-up or oil build-up, especially during hot-humid weather. But not made for all, as people with dry skin may not find it ideal for themselves. Yet, I find Pond’s Activated Carbon face wash more effective as far as their deep-cleansing functions are concerned.


Nice fragrance.
A friend to oily skin.
Good cleansing action.
Gives a refreshing, cool feeling.

Not suitable for all skin types.
Overpriced a little too much.
Nothing extra to offer.


If compared to pond’s other products,Pond’s Activated Carbon face wash would win any given day. The refreshing effect of this Pearl Cleansing Gel Face wash is not long lasting.

Of course everyone expects something extra, new or added advantage from every new product released. And, this one here fails to offer something ‘more’. You can use it for effective cleaning but all-over, I don’t find it worth the money. It may be more suited for normal skin. It is somewhat of a disappointment, coming from Pond’s which otherwise has a very good and effective products. However, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and for me this product is just not upto the notch.

Written by – Srishti Chatterjee
Photos by – Farhan Ul Haque