Piotr Poland Eau De Perfum – KRAKAW

Who doesn’t like to smell good? I think nobody. All of us want to smell good, fresh and attractive all the time because bad smell or odour makes the other person lose interest in us.

I recently came across a website called SNOWLAN EPICURE which has various luxury brands in gourmet, teas, coffee, fragrances and beauty products. The brands that come under them can be bought from Amazon and Santasbox.

I was sent a beautiful perfume from Piotr Poland to test and review.





Snowlan Epicure sent me Piotr Poland Eau De Perfum in the fragrance KRAKAW which is a luxurious brand.

When I read this fragrance’s description on the website, I realised how apt it was. They have mentioned every note so rightly.



Price – Rs. 1500 for 30ml (as mentioned on the bottle)

But you can easily find it for Rs.990 on Amazon and Santasbox.

Amazon – click here.

Santasbox – click here.



It comes in a matte black cardboard packaging with text in golden on it. The main packaging of the perfume is a transparent glass bottle with golden nozzle and cap. The packaging is simple and decent but there is nothing new or fancy about it.



I like my perfumes to have a little strong and long lasting fragrance. This one has warm notes to it. The fragrance is a bit musky with hints of cinnamon, cloves and apples and a bit of citrusy too. Though it says that it is a UNISEX perfume but by the fragrance it seems to be on the masculine side; but I don’t mind wearing a Men’s perfume too because they are pretty strong as compared to the ones for the women and as I said I like quite strong fragrances.

The staying power is also good, stays for about 5-6 hours and after that you need a few spritz again to refreshen that up.



Overall, I quite like the fragrance of this perfume. It is apt for men but if you are a girl/ women who loves strong and musky fragrances just like me, then you’d definitely love this one.

Check out the website here – Snowlan Epicure.

You can order yours from here – Amazon, Santasbox.

I hope you liked this review!

Thank you !