You know how much I love sheet masks don’t you? I feel sheet masks give an instant dose of hydration to the skin and gives it a new life. I have a never ending love for sheet masks. Recently I got this Smartmud No Mess Mud Masque from Patchology which got me a little excited because Mud Mask + Sheet Mask is a bomb combination.

a myriad of charm



a myriad of charm


a myriad of charm

PRICE : $8 for 1 or $30 for 4.


a myriad of charm


I have used a lot of sheet masks in the past and this whole idea of sheet masks is very convenient and hassle free. I found this one from Patchology a bit different. The procedure to use it is a bit different. You have to peel the mask and then apply the mask onto the face. Now that the mask is on the face, you have to peel off another layer of plastic from it. It sounds easy but it doesn’t work out that smoothly. It requires a bit of patience. But I managed to work it out. Now that the mask is on, you will begin to feel a cooling sensation for a few minutes but it will get back to normal after that.

a myriad of charm

But other than this mask is bomb. Though it is a mud mask, it felt really comfortable on the skin – no stretchiness, no tightness. It is a mess free process which is obvious with every sheet mask. It removed every gunk of dirt from my face making it look squeeky clean and my pores too looked a little smaller. My skin looked smoother and felt so soft. I didn’t feel any dryness on face rather it felt very hydrated and looked healthy.

Also, this sheet mask comes in two sections – one for the top half of the face and another for the bottom half – which makes the positioning of the mask easy.

a myriad of charm


If you are someone like me who likes mud masks and sheet masks both, then you have to try this combo of both. It is amazing. It is mess free, comfortable and effective. This mask is an excellent detox.

Find Patchology here and this product here.

P.S. – You need to see if Patchology ships to your country or not because shipping is the only problem here.