So a few days back I reviewed Japan Candy Box on my blog and this week it’s time for another box full of candies and snacks from Japan. It is Okashi Connection. Doesn’t the name sounds like the ones Japanese anime series have?

a myriad of charm

About the box:

a myriad of charm a myriad of charm

Okashi Connection is a Japanese snack box that offers free worldwide shipping. It sends a box filled with a mix of Japanese candies and snacks. The number of candies depends upon the box that you select.


Ninja Box – 5-7 items – $ 14/ a month
Samurai Box – 9-13 items – $ 22/ a month
Sumo – 14-18 items – $ 33/ a month

Ninja box is the smallest of the three, Samurai box is a medium sized box and Sumo box is the biggest of all.
Shipping is absolutely free and it is worldwide and the box usually arrives within 1st to 3rd week of the month.

What’s in the box?

a myriad of charm

The box that I received is yellow in colour because that is the colour of the Samurai box.
The box comes with a brochure which has all the details about the candies and the snacks in the box.

a myriad of charm


a myriad of charm

The February 2016 Okashi Connection box had the following items:

1) Super Mario Gummi

a myriad of charm

These are cola and cider flavoured gummies in the shape of Mario characters.

2) Mini Baum Roll

a myriad of charmThese are creamy strawberry flavoured cake rolls.

3) Nericho Soft mini DIY

a myriad of charm

This is a small DIY kit with which you can make small foamy ice cream cones in strawberry flavour.

4) Collon Rum Vanilla

a myriad of charm

This packet has crispy cookies like wafers with a cream filling of rum and vanilla. The brochure says it pairs best with coffee (or for Indians tea too).

5) Kongari Pizza-Sen

a myriad of charm

These are pizza flavoured senbei (rice) crackers.

6) Fue Ramune

Looks very similar to Polo :D
Looks very similar to Polo 😀

These are round polo like candy which looks hard but dissolves very easily in the mouth. It tastes sweet. It doubles up as a flute too J and there is a small prize at the bottom too.

7) Tanoshi Ramenya – San DIY

a myriad of charm

It is a DIY kit with which you can make candy that looks like ramen and pot stickers. Though the instructions are given in Japanese but one can read it in English on Okashi Connection’s site.

8) Nori P Pack

a myriad of charm

This is a classic snack in Japan. These rice crackers are flavoured with soy sauce and are individually wrapped in seaweed. The packet has some peanuts too.

9) Mike Popcorn Kyushu Shoyu

a myriad of charm

It’s a pack full of popcorns which have the unique flavour of soy sauce. It has a salty taste.

10) Caplicocot Double Chocolat

a myriad of charm

This pack has two different kinds of heart shaped chocolates. It has a crispy and crumbly texture.

11) Unchoco

Look how cute is the packaging <3
Look how cute is the packaging <3

‘Unchi’ means poop and so the concept is that this tiny cartoon “poops” little fruit chews. I know it sounds weird but it tastes good.

My Views:

a myriad of charm

So in total I got 11 items in the box which is pretty good. I enjoyed eating every item of this box and each item had a unique flavour. My favourite out of these was Caplicocot Double Chocolat. It had a rich chocolate flavour.
I would definitely order the box again.

To order, you can click here.

P.S. – PR sample but opinions are completely mine.