The market is flooded with brands claiming to be natural, organic, handmade, chemical free and what not? But at times it gets so difficult to see which brand to trust and try and which brand to not. But don’t you worry, we bloggers are here to help you decide that. I am always at the lookout of such brands to introduce on my blog so that I can help you all in any possible manner.

In today’s post, I am going to introduce you to yet another brand called ‘Nature Sure’ which claims to have natural Ayurveda ingredients in their products.



Nature Sure’ is a new brand launched by W&D Group. It is a 100% natural and herbal brand. The products are also paraben, vegan and cruelty free.



I got a lot of products to test and try from this brand. So I thought of introducing you to these products and let you know their benefits too.


  1. Nature Sure Hair Growth Oil

          Rs.339 for 100ml

As the name says, it aims to promote the hair growth and prevents hair fall, baldness, premature greying and split ends. Other than that, it also treats dandruff, lice and flakiness. It strengthens the roots as well as the hair strands. It also acts as a sunscreen for our hair.


  1. Nature Sure Kalongi (Black Seed) Oil

          Rs.309 for 100ml

Kalongi or black seed is a very common ingredient in Indian dishes and is commonly found in every Indian kitchen. It has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. It also has healing properties. Other great benefits of kalonji oil are- useful in prevention and management of diabetes, effective for migraine and headache, treats insomnia or sleep disorders, increases hair growth and reduces hair fall, helps in preventing skin diseases. This oil is very good for joint pain.


  1. Nature Sure Jonk (Leech) Oil

          Rs.239 for 100ml

Jonk (Leech) Oil is great for hair related problems like hair fall, baldness, alopecia, dandruff, fungus, dullness, etc. It provides nourishment to the hair by making them healthy.


  1. Nature Sure Castor Oil

          Rs.257 for 100ml

Castor Oil is known to benefit skin as well as hair in a number of ways. It is like a natural beauty treatment.

Skin- treats acne and maintains the natural moisture of the skin. It also prevents skin-ageing and wrinkles.

Hair- reduces hair fall, scalp flakiness and promotes hair growth.


  1. Nature Sure Rogan Jaitun (Olive) Oil

          Rs.267 for 100ml

Olive Oil, again, works wonders for the skin, hair, nails and it can be added to food too for a healthy diet. It has anti- bacterial properties. Nature Sure Olive Oil does a lot to our skin and hair.

Skin- maintains the moisture balance, hydration, maintains youth radiance, prevents visible signs of ageing and makes the skin glow from within.

Hair- makes the hair thick, shiny and promotes hair growth, also prevents hair fall.

Olive Oil is also good for body massages as it instantly moisturizes the skin and brings a healthy glow to it. I like to massage my body with it right after shower and it works amazing. Olive Oil is also good for joint pain.


  1. Nature Sure Anti-Acne Cream

          Rs.269 for 50gm

This claims to treat acne, pimples and scars. If used on a regular basis, it can eliminate fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, signs of skin-ageing, pigmentation. It suits all skin types and also brings glow and radiance to the skin.


  1. Natural Sure Mosquito Repellent Roll On

           Rs.129 for 7ml

Mosquito repellents and I are like best friends as I never travel without one or two in my bag. This one has a very handy packaging and it smells nice and strong too but it vanishes after sometimes. This one provides 8 hour protection from mosquitoes which is good and since it is herbal, it is safe for kids too, and it has no side-effects.


All these products are available on Nature Sure’s website as well as on Amazon and Flipkart.

All these products are affordable and the best thing is that they are herbal and natural too. For more information you can visit Nature Sure’s website and Facebook page.


Hope you gained some information from this post.

Stay tuned for more.


Thank You!



P.S. – PR samples, but opinions stated are 100% genuine.