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How is everyone doing? I know summer is killing all the Delhities and the Mumbaikars too, but what to do! Just like we hate this season, the same way our skin does. Just like we feel dehydrated, the same our skin gets dehydrated and serums, mists, sheet maks are all what our skin needs the most during this season.

So Skin18 recently sent me some sheet masks and eyes and nose patches which are really good to keep our skin hydrated and moisturized and above all has all Korean products which are just bomb!

a myriad of charm

a myriad of charm

To know more about Skin18, check my earlier post
Products that they have sent :-

a myriad of charm

1. Four Season’s Multi Vita Brightening Active Mask
2. Food A Holic Natural Essence Mask- Blueberry
3. Luke-Collagen Hydrogel Eye Patch
4. Luke- Hydrogen Eye Patch For Eye Puffiness
5. Luke Nose Cleansing Strip – Charcoal
6. Luke Nose Strip- Mugwort
7. Luke Nose Cleansing Strip – Lemon Tea Tree

a myriadof charm

In this post I just wanted to share all the amazing masks that I have received from . If you want full reviews of all these sheet masks, then wait for my next post!

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Take care. 