You guys know I have a weakness for organic and natural products. Every time I see a brand saying that their products are natural, organic, and chemical free, I feel like giving their product a try. My blog has featured a dozen of new brands which make such products but my hunt for more of such brands doesn’t stop. This time I came across Azafran Organics. Let’s read more about this brand and their products that I got.

About the brand:-

Azafran has 100% natural ingredients (including certified organic fragrances). The brand sources all the herbs and plants from its own certified organic farm.

What I got from Azafran Organics:-

1. Aqua milk skin balancing Aloe Vera Body Butter – 200gm
2. Vanilla and coconut deep conditioning hair oil – 100ml
3. 24 hour glow overnight skin repair formula – 100ml



Rs.700 for 200gm and Rs.400 for 100 gm


I have never been huge fan of body butter because I always find its consistency quite thick and I find it hard to massage it into the skin. But this body butter from Azafran Organics has a lotion like consistency which gets absorbed into the skin quickly and doesn’t feel heavy or greasy at all.
The Aqua milk skin balancing Aloe Vera Body Butter has the goodness of aloe vera, vitamin E and hydrolyzed milk protein which softens and replenishes the skin. It even hydrates and nourishes the skin really well. As soon as I apply it on my hands I clearly see a healthy version of my hand. I am now a fan of this product mainly because of the formulae and consistency. Even the fragrance is very mild and soothing.
The product claims to protect the skin from environmental damage and pre mature aging. I still need to explore this product more to test these claims.



Deep conditioning of hair can never go out of style because our hair needs constant love and care to behave well and nothing works better than a deep conditioning oil treatment.
First of all, the packaging of this is pretty amazing as it has a pump dispenser which makes it very convenient to use. It has a mixed fragrance of vanilla and coconut which is quite unique too.
I have been using this oil for a month now, like an overnight treatment, and this has made my hair so soft and manageable. They feel very smooth and healthy now. It has even reduced my hair fall to an extent and now my hair looks a little voluminous too.
What I have liked the most about this hair oil is its non-sticky formulae which gets washed off very easily, even with any mild shampoo
If you are looking for a good non sticky deep conditioning hair oil, than this is the perfect option for you.



This product is exactly like a toner which smells very much like fresh roses. You need to spritz this on your face, neck and décolletage and then massage it into the skin. Let it sit on the face for 30 to 40 minutes as this will help in softening the dead skin cells. Now, using wet hands gently cleanse the face and rinse well.
Now, I have been using this product too for a month now and this feel so refreshing and hydrating. It brightens up the skin instantly and when you cleanse your face, you can literally see the tits and bits of dead skin cells getting off the face. It helps you get rid of the top mist skin of dead skin cells from the face. It also tightens the pores and make them shrink (if the product is used regularly). Every morning I witness fresh and healthy glow on my face as this product takes away the dullness.
P.S. – This is to be used only at night.

Overall Verdict:-

I absolutely love all the three products from Azafran organics and I can’t wait to try out their other products. If you are looking for natural and organic products then this is the brand you can trust.
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  • I’ve seen this range in stores but didn’t pick it up. All the products you have got sound amazing.