Hello guys,
I hope you are doing great. If you guys are following me on Instagram and have liked my page on Facebook, then you must be knowing that I recently got a packet in my mail from Skin18 (www.skin18.com). I have also done a website review of skin18.com, check it out here. I believe almost all of us are huge fans of Korean skincare products and these products that I got from Skin18 are Korean.


So in today’s post I would be reviewing two of the sheet masks from that packet. The sheet masks that I am going to review are –
• Mirum Fresh Fruit Honey Mask Pack
• Four Season Red Ginseng White Clean Active Mask

How to use these sheet masks –
Take out the sheet mask from its pack, unfold it and apply on clean face matching the holes on the mask with the face. Let it be there on your face for about 20 minutes and then take of the mask. You can squeeze the mask’s serum/gel/liquid onto your face after removing it.
Advice – For people living in a hot country like India, then you can refrigerate these masks 15-20 minutes before using it. This would give a cooling sensation to the face giving it more of a fresh look.



Mirum Fresh Fruit Honey Real Nature Mask Pack

Product Description-
“Honey is famous for its high containing of Adenisine, mineral and vitamins which can perfectly relieve your skin of all kinds of regular skin problem which originate from pressures, like dryness, toughness, and dullness of skin. It can allow your skin to show a healthy glow by providing all kinds of nutrition.”

About the sheet mask–
Like any other Korean skin care product, especially sheet masks, I had a lot of expectations from this sheet mask and believe me this sheet mask is no less than them. It has honey which, we all know, is so good for skin. It gives a healthy glow to the skin keeping it alive and fresh.

This specific cotton mask hydrates the skin so well and the liquid of the mask gets absorbed into the skin quite well. Now you guys would say that how you can get these face masks, then I would say that Skin18 is the best place to get some really good Korean face masks and other products.

This mask is 100% cotton and has a mild smell of honey. The texture is very light and is not at all sticky. Even the leftover liquid from the mask gets very easily absorbed into the skin. It leaves a nourished, clean, fresh, hydrated and brighter skin.

I loved this sheet mask to bits.

Price – US $0.95



Four Season Red Ginseng White Clean Active Mask

Product Description-
“This whitening functional mask sheet contains highly concentrated Red Ginseng that replenishes the skin with nutrients and moisture and leaves shiny skin by regenerating.”

About the product-
The essence and consistency of this sheet mask is pretty similar to that of Mirum Fresh Fruit Honey Mask Pack. It is as light and non-sticky as the above sheet mask.

I didn’t like the smell of this sheet mask that much probably because I haven’t smelled Ginseng before and I don’t even know what that is. The smell is pretty strong when you apply it at first but it starts fading after a few minutes. The sheet mask had loads of liquid or serum whatever you want to call it and there was a lot in the packet too. I used this sheet mask at night so I applied the leftover serum on my skin and slept. And in the morning, I noticed a much brighter, whiter, fresh and hydrated skin. The sheet mask didn’t break me out either.

Price – US $0.85


Four Season Red Ginseng White Clean Active Mask

Frankly speaking I liked both the sheet masks equally but I didn’t like the smell of the Four Season’s one that much. It smells weird. Overall, I liked both the sheet masks to the core and I am definitely gonna buy them again soon. And these sheet masks are quite cheap too so it won’t burn your pockets guys. I would suggest you all to grab them soon, Skin18 has a huuuuuuge variety of sheet masks. Also, there is a sale going on at the website these days, so grab them asap.

Thumbs up from my side for these two sheet masks. Stay tuned, more sheet masks to be reviewed soon.