Ageing is graceful but just not yet! Don’t we just wish to get that baby-soft skin again? Though because of all the pollution and chemical cosmetics, we lose that naturality of our skin. But, hey, that doesn’t mean we can’t pamper it like a baby’s which, by the way, is a much-needed care is also in today’s time. As much as babies are adorable, so are the baby products too. Once in a blue moon even I feel tantalized by the baby products! And why shouldn’t I? There are perfect for those skin-pampering sessions at home! To add to it, some products like Johnson & Johnson baby oil can actually prove to be a boon for us. So here are some very useful tips on how this baby oil is the solution to our basic beauty problems and its added advantages –

• The basic use of this baby oil- moisturising. Ditch that body-lotion and massage an adequate quantity on to your arms/legs and feel the difference. It gives you a soft and supple looking skin.
• For those who indulge in a self mani-pedi regime-this baby oil is a perfect and much better replacement for cuticle oil.
• Make-up remover. This is the best way you can treat your skin post makeup removed. Johnson & Johnson baby oil easily smudges off makeup and moisturises at the same time, so that your skin is lubricated and cleansed.


• Heat+humidity=frizzy hair. Solution- baby oil soaked tissue. Just dab it over the frizzy part and you have a smooth mane.
• Want those shiny-smooth celebrity legs? Just apply some baby oil after your hair removing session and see the magic! Also if you use a razor, then just apply a few drops for a quick and smooth removal.
• Get rid of that post-waxing stickiness with just some drops of baby oil.
• Why highly invest in scented massage oil when baby oil could give you the same relaxing massage! It’s well in the budget and works pretty much the same way like any other scented massage oils.
• Ran out of under-eye gel? Well, Johnson & Johnson baby oil to the rescue again.
• Add few drops of baby oil into your hot water bath. It works as a bath oil too and leaves your skin with a silky and shiny feeling.


• For those pinkie-soft, plump lips- Make your own home-made lip scrub. A teaspoon of Johnson & Johnson baby oil, half teaspoon of sugar and few drops of lemon. Rub this mixture on your lips lightly, before going to bed at night and Voila! Baby skin and now baby lips too!
• For the on-coming winter season this could be followed as a daily regime our hands and feet tend to get dry and many suffer from cracked heels. So here is your saviour. Before going to sleep at night, rub some baby oil on your palms and back of your hands and massage gently on to your feet. Put on your cotton socks and hit the bed. Not only it heals and softens your hands and feet but also, it acts as an additional insulation against the cold. Thus, you get a much comfortable sleep with a healing effect.


These are just a few ways in which you can use you Johnson & Johnson Baby oil. You can create your own DIY use of this baby oil. Do leave a comment below by telling how you use your baby oil.
Till then Bye!