I recently came across this Indian brand incorporating super foods and fresh fruits into skincare with all natural ingredients and that made me realize how Indian brands are getting bigger and better each day and that we now have good options in natural skincare category available to us which means we can say goodbye to the products with toxic ingredients and chemicals in them. This brand, which I am going to talk about in today’s post is ‘SKINELLA’, a new skincare brand in the market.


Skinella has an exquisite range of products with natural ingredients to provide nutrition and good health to the skin.

P.S. – All the products smell so good.


In this post I am going to be talking about a few products from this brand-


  1. GRAPE FRUIT FACE AND BODY SORBET (Rs.230 for 100ml)


What is the difference between a moisturizer and a sorbet?

  • While moisturizers and sorbets serve the same purpose, i.e. to make the skin soft and smooth and prevent dryness, sorbets feel lighter while applying and glide very smoothly on your skin. Furthermore, sorbet has a non-greasy feel as compared to a typical moisturizer.

So now that know how a sorbet is different from a moisturizer, let’s read how it worked for me.


This sorbet has a very lightweight texture, which gets easily absorbed into the skin giving instant hydration. It makes the skin look fresh for long and make it soft and supple too.

I found this ideal for the summers.


  1. HONEY OATS FACE SCRUB (Rs.230 for 100gm)

This is my Holy Grail scrub these days, and when I am saying this, I mean it. This scrub has a creamy texture and a sweet fragrance (which might bother some). It feels soft and gentle on the skin and is not harsh at all (as it has very tiny granules of oats). This scrub, I feel, is meant for light – everyday exfoliation as it is quite gentle and mild on the skin. It clears and cleans very well but it is not meant for deep cleansing.

Honey and oats together make the skin so soft, moisturizing and hydrating.



This sunscreen has an SPF-25. It has a lightweight and non-greasy formula, which gets easily absorbed into the skin. It has a mild fragrance of watermelon, which stays for long.




I have been loving all of these products from Skinella so far but the only disappointing thing is that some of the products from this brand contain Sodium Laureth Sulphate. But I still highly recommend these products as they are still way better than others in the market and they are fairly priced too. You can buy Skinella products from here and Amazon. They are also available at the NewU stores.


Thank You!