Fragrances are almost every girls’ weakness. From a nice smelling perfume to a nice smelling man, fragrance is what attracts most of us. Perfumes and deos have been there in the market since centuries and mists have started hitting the market recently. I have tried mists from a few brands and this time, I got Inatur’s Essence De’ Shalimar Body Mist to try. So, let’s see how it worked.




PRICE – Rs.950 for 100ml


The packaging of Inatur’s Body Mist is identical to that of Layer Wottagirl Body Mist – transparent sleek round bottle in plastic with a round cap. The cap is pretty tight which makes it travel-friendly. Even the spray works really fine and spritz out just the right amount.


The fragrance of the Inatur’s Essence De’ Shalimar variant is slightly strong yet fresh and mesmerizing. It has a touch a spice woody note to it with tints of patchouli and cedar wood. It also has notes of some essentials oils too.  The fragrance stays on for quite long, for like 6-7 hours, which is absolutely amazing as you don’t have to bother about spraying it again and again.


Inatur’s products are all herbal, organic, natural and halal which also makes it an alcohol-free mist (mentioned on the bottle) and hence it doesn’t even harm the skin in any way. It is also 100% water based which again makes it super comfortable to wear.


I really like the fragrance of this Essence de’ Shalimar mist but the only downside to this product is its price. I don’t feel that everybody would be comfortable in shelling out Rs.950 for a mist, though it is completely worth the price but still.

The other brands in the market are selling for a very less tag than this but again they may not be alcohol free, herbal, organic, halal, paraben and sulphate free. So, you need to see whatever you want to comprise with the quality or not.


This is my absolute favorite at the moment and I would advise you too to try it out at least once as it smells divine and refreshing.

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  • The fragrance lasting 6-7 hours is quite long lasting for a mist!

    • Aliya Naaz

      Yes, it is pretty long lasting and even after 7-8 hours, a slight fragrance still stays there.