P.S. = £ 1 = 87 INR approx.

Poundland is a chain of stores in UK that sells most of the items at £1 (1 pound) be it from any category – makeup, skincare, kitchen, gardening, healthcare etc. They stock their in-house brand as well as various other famous drugstore brands. I wish we had something similar here also. As I said in my Primark Haul post that my brother recently visited UK, so I asked him to visit Primark and Poundland to shop a little for me. This is what he got for me from Poundland.

  1. Argan Oil Shampoo + Conditioner  (300 ml each – £1.00 each)



  1. Hit the Spot 5 in 1 Exfoliating Facial Scrub (£ 0.99 each)

It is neither harsh nor mild for face and does magic to the skin. Makes the skin look clear and brightened within minutes.


  1. Making Gallery Almond Nails – 24 pcs (£ 1.00 each)

These nails come with a glue too.


  1. Makeup Gallery Eyebrow Kit (£ 1.00)

Has a beautiful highlighter shade too which I sometimes use or my cheeks and nose too 😛


  1. Simply Color (hair color) in the shade 3.0 – Natural Dark Brown (£1.00)

Got this for my mother as I thought that she needs a break from Garnier and L’oreal hair colors.


  1. Clean & Clear Advantage Spot Control Moisturizer (£ 1.00)

I have been searching for this variant here since long but a few of the shops that had it were selling it for 300-400 INR and I was not willing to pay this much when I know the original price. I am glad that I waited and hence finally got it for £1.


  1. UBU Angled Blusher Brush (£ 1.00)

Not the softest brush I have come across till now but for the price, it works fine.

P.S. – If you are looking for some good affordable brushes, the Forever21 India has some good one.

So, that was my haul from Poundland U.K. and I am satisfied with whatever I have got from there at £1. If you ever visit UK, you must check out Poundland for such amazing products and an amazing price.

I hope you like this post.

Thank you!