A few days ago I wrote about my skin care regime from the brand called Aggettivero sbilancianti germinano ÃÃРsorteggiassi squamarono tappavi! Qual è il miglior sito per fare trading SENSATIA BOTANICALS. Before that post, I wanted to publish my haul from this brand but somehow forgot. And before I forget again, here is my haul –


opzioni binarie rsi ABOUT SENSATIA BOTANICALS-

Sensatia Botanicals is an Indonesian local brand with great quality products. Their products are made with natural ingredients.

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follow url What I picked up from Sensatia Botanicals :


  1. Sensatia Botanicals Acne Clarifying Facial Cleanser
  2. Sensatia Botanicals Acne Clarifying Scrub
  3. Sensatia Botanicals Acne Clarifying Charcoal Mask
  4. Sensatia Botanicals Facial C-Serum (oily acne prone)
  5. Sensatia Botanicals Amber Rose Facial Dream Cream
  6. Sensatia Botanicals Wild Honey Facial Mask
  7. Sensatia Botanicals Geranium Leaf Essential Oil
  8. Sensatia Botanicals Oily to Acne Prone Facial Hydrate
  9. Sensatia Botanicals Anti-Wrinkle Serum for 50+years
  10. Surf Naked Sunscreen with SPF30, UVA/UVB


They have a huge and broad range of products, it was very difficult for me to pick out a few from the lot.


  1. site rencontre oo Sensatia Botanicals Acne Clarifying Facial Cleanser ($12.95 for 220 ml)

This cleanser has a unique ingredient list- Green tea and Tamarind –  a combination that I haven’t seen till now. This is very gentle on the skin but does its job of cleaning the face. It doesn’t foam but  adds hydration and moisturization to the skin.

  1. conocer mujeres mendoza Sensatia Botanicals Acne Clarifying Scrub ($12 for 60 ml)

This facial scrub is enriched with charcoal. It is not very harsh on the skin, hence gently removes dirt and dead skin and reduces acne from the face. The texture is quite creamy and a little thick.


  1. source link Sensatia Botanicals Acne Clarifying Charcoal Mask ($12 for 60 ml)

I love every product that has charcoal in it. Right after the Acne Clarifying Facial Scrub, I like to use this charcoal mask. Whenever I use it I feel that it instantly takes away the dead skin from the face. Facial scrub + this mask = great combination. This combination also helps me in getting rid of the tiny blackheads around my nose.


  1. key option trader Sensatia Botanicals Facial C-Serum (oily acne prone) ($18 for 60 ml)

The product says that it is a serum but it is more on the creamier side rather than being on the oilier side. It has the goodness of Vitamin C in it. It feels very lightweight when applied and leaves the skin soft and supple. The packaging is also very convenient as the plastic bottle has a pump on it.


  1. source Sensatia Botanicals Amber Rose Facial Dream Cream ($24 for 65 gm )

This facial cream has quite a rich and slightly thick texture but when applied, gets soaked up quickly. It cleanses the pores, rejuvenates and improves the elasticity of the skin. Its aroma calms the mind too.



  1. citas de hombres mujeres y viceversa Sensatia Botanicals Wild Honey Facial Mask ($10.95 for 65 ml)  

This mask has the goodness of wild honey and suits all skin types. It smoothens and brightens the skin while moisturizing it thoroughly. It gently stimulates, nourishes, rejuvenates, refines and cleanses the skin by removing dead skin cells and by drawing toxins from the pores. It also helps in maintaining healthy and youthful skin.



  1. Sensatia Botanicals Geranium Leaf Essential Oil ($14.50 for 10 ml)

This essential oil is known to be great to improve acne, clear out blemishes, combat ageing skin and wrinkles. When used in an oil diffuser, it helps in calming nervousness, tension, stress and pre-menstrual problems.


  1. opzioni binarie strategie pdf Sensatia Botanicals Oily to Acne Prone Facial Hydrate ($16.95 for 20 ml)

This is a very lightweight facial oil I have used till now and as it says, it is indeed very hydrating. I use this right before the C-Serum (mentioned below). This hydrate starts working on the acne from the very first use and makes them dry which makes the entire process of reducing acne a quick one.

It also protects the skin from premature ageing, prevents wrinkles and maintains the elasticity. It rejuvenates the skin and gives it a healthy glow.


  1. site de rencontres au s n gal Sensatia Botanicals Anti-Wrinkle Serum for 50+years ($36 for 20 ml)

I got this serum for my mother who has just stepped into her 50’s. She was looking for a good serum to combat the wrinkles, ageing and other issues that arise at this age.

Ageing is a natural process, which cannot be paused but one always has the option to age gracefully. This product helps in maintain the luminosity, elasticity of the skin and as I said, allows it to age gracefully.


10. Surf Naked Sunscreen with SPF30, UVA/UVB ($12.50 for 70 gm)

This sunscreen has a very unique balm sort of formula but it still feels very light on the skin. It blends into the skin so smoothly and gives it a heavy protection from UVA/UVB rays. It protects the skin through out the day.



Overall, I have been loving all the products from this brand as they are –

  1. 100% Natural.
  2. Chemical-free.
  3. Environment friendly.

And the best thing is that they ship worldwide, so you can get your order delivered to any place in the world. Read more about this here.

I highly recommend this brand to you if you wish to try out natural and organic products. Sensatia Botanicals is a well-known, trusted and a safe Bali-based brand.

If in case you are travelling to Bali, do give these products a try.

Find more about them here.

Shop them here.

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Thank you!