Who doesn’t love ice-creams these days? I think most of us do, but are they healthy and fat free? Of course not. But we can’t even leave ice-cream for the sake of health, but what if I tell you that now we have a healthy substitute for an ice-cream. Yes, I think you are guessing it right; I am talking about YOGURT here. I recently got to try some amazing flavored Greek Yogurt from Epigamia, and believe me, since then I have left ice-cream behind.



Greek Yogurt is a thicker and smoother form of dahi and is a strained form of yogurt as through this straining process the liquid gets separated and what we get is a cream sort of stuff which has zero cholesterol, less sugar and carbohydrates and more protein and calcium than any regular yogurt.

In India, we have very few brands that make Greek Yogurts.

Epigamia Greek Yogurt has:

  • No preservative.
  • No artificial flavors and coloring.
  • Natural taste.

Epigamia Greek Yogurts are high in protein and low in fat. 

The process –



The variants that I was sent by the brand are-

  1. Natural
  2. Mango
  3. Strawberry
  4. Blueberry

But they also have honey banana, green apple and vanilla beans.

PRICE: Rs.38 for 90 grams (flavored).

               Rs.38 for 90 grams (natural variant).



All these variants are very rich, creamy and smooth. They all taste as per their flavors. All of these have a rich flavor of the fruit they represent. The flavored ones do contain sugar in it (12.5 grams per 100 grams) but are still way healthier than any other desert or ice-cream. The Natural variant has no added sugar though.

All these yogurts are excellent source of protein and have low carbs too (half the amount of carbs as compared to regular yogurt).

I personally like Mango, Strawberry and Natural the most. I like Natural variant because it can be easily transformed into any other flavor too. I like to add some oregano and chili flakes to it to give a spicy twist.

PS- You can also make deserts and dips with these yogurts.

Leaving links of some yummy deserts and dips here –



Epigamia recently launched healthy snack packs in 4 variants a very innovative solution to “curb the 5:00 pm hunger.” These snack packs are the best way to skip oily and fried evening snacks.

The variants are –

  1. Jalapeno Greek Yogurt with Barley Puffs
  2. Strawberry Greek Yogurt with Chunky Granola
  3. Cream and Onion Yogurt with Barley Puffs
  4. Mango Greek Yogurt with Chunky Granola.

PRICE: Rs.60 for 112grams.

I really like the Jalapeno variant as it has a unique punch of flavor to it and the barley puffs add the snack factor to it.



Epigamia Greek Yogurts may be a little pricey than the other yogurts available in the Indian market but they provide more nutritional benefits than the rest. I am absolutely in love with the variety of flavors they have both in yogurts and snacks packs. Highly recommend these.

Find Epigamia’s social media here- Facebook, Instagram.

You can find these Greek Yogurts at any super market like Food Bazar, Big Apple, Reliance Fresh, Grofers, Big Basket, etc.