FUSCHIA LIP BALM- Strawberry Passion

A previous post had been released by Aliya about this particular brand and it’s products. So I’ll be brief about it’s introduction. Fuschia is famous for it’s handmade products which are naturally made and are suitable for vegetarians. They produce eco-friendly, chemical and paraben-free products. And I was given this particular lip balm by Aliya to try and give my views about it. I cannot thank her enough! It is a brilliant lip balm and one of the best I’ve come across. ‘Strawberry passion’ it reads and though I’m not entirely a fan of strawberry, I cannot help but love it!



Infused with strawberry goodness, it also contains shea butter and kokum butter along with vitamin E which gives your lips the moisturizing care and a loving smoothness. With just one swap of it on your lips, you get a shimmering gloss. And beacuse it is not a stick lip balm you can easily apply it along your lips and not worry about your mouth looking like a bloody vampire’s! It has a cute and simple pack which is totally travel and weather friendly. The balm is reddish in colour and just by looking it you could feel the ‘passion’ within it. It gives your lips an attractive and juicy look and makes it supple.


• travel and weather friendly
• easy to apply, no messiness, no melting
• gives a desirable color and shine
• moisturises, rejuvenates and gives a smooth and supple feeling
• long-lasting (what more could you ask for?!)
• has a strong but appealing scent
• worth the money
• by the look of it, it could have a very good shell-life

• no healing properties
• some of you might find the color a little too dark,but try a different flavour for that.
• some might find it a little too over-priced

Price – Rs. 225 for 8 gm


Like I said before, it is one of the best that I’ve come across so far. What all I want from a lip balm is- a decent color, moisturising, long lasting and a sexy shine. All this criteria is matched perfectly well by FUSCHIA’S LIP BALM. For next time, I’m determined to buy one for myself and try a different flavour and maybe review about too. I wont say you ladies to try one because you should definitely get one! We all desire those kissable, soft and supple lips and FUSCHIA’S LIP BALM makes those desires come true and who knows you might even get that one much awaited kiss!

Do visit Fuschia’s facebook page here.

Written by – Srishti Chatterjee.
Photos by – Aliya Naaz.

FUSCHIA LIP BALM- Strawberry Passion