Ethiglo Skin Whitening Deep Cleansing Face Wash

A product of the Ethicare Remedies and marketed by Ethinext Pharma, Ethiglo facewash promises you “skin whitening, deep cleansing, ”. Although it is available only online, it is a “worldwide widely prescribed skin lightening agent”. No wont be as fair as snow white but that tan could just be easily controlled. Ethiglo’s skin lightening range includes Ethiglo facewash and Ethiglo soap. Both work just the same, however, those whose feel more comfortable using a soap may surely opt for it.


Containing Kojic acid and Glycolic acid, it helps to reduce blemishes and lightens skin tone. It is a rich foamy facewash with a special formula having mili globules which cleanses and improves your skin tone. However, with regular use you could actually feel the difference. That tan could certainly be controlled and your complexion improved quite a bit. You get quite a good quantity and quality worth the money. The 70g facewash tube costs Rs.220 and is easily available online. It has a decent and sober scent and the facewash is white, foamy with little red graing stuff. It is best suited for oily to combination skin. However, dry skin people should avoid using in during winters as it will only sap out all the moisture from the skin. It is really effective in reducing post-acne scars and blemishes. The refreshing feeling left behind lasts for a certain time and the skin is cleansed of all the greasiness.




• with prolonged use, skin looks brightned and slowly blemishses too fade away.
• very good cleansing action
• improves skin tone and complexion
• travel friendly as it comes in a packed carton(unlike anyother)
• dermatologically recommended, thus, usable for sensitive skin

• can be bought only online
• not an all-season facewash for dry skin people
• may be pricey for some.

I would definitely continue using this one. It acts like my own skin doctor. Since, I have a very sensitive and oily skin, not all products are agreeable with my skin. Yet, being a doctors’ recommended product, I didn’t have to think twice before using this. People with dry skin too can use it, ideally in summers only. Some of you might find the price a little a too much but let me rimnd you that it’s not an ordinary facewash. It acts as a medicine for skin. Thus, I would highly recommend to all you pretty ladies to have this- your own skin doctor.


To know more about them You can check out the Ethicare Website ,Ethinext Pharma Website

You can buy this facewash from here.

Written by – Srishti Chatterjee.
Photos by – Farhan Ul Haque.

Ethiglo Skin Whitening Deep Cleansing Face Wash