My hair may look flawless in pictures but I know how dry and damaged they are as I have gone through a number of chemical treatments. So I am always at the lookout for some DIY masks to restore the life of my hair and to make them look better.

So I came across this DIY hair mask for dry, damaged and frizzy hair which also helps in the hair growth and tried it a couple of times and it is working great for me. So I thought of sharing this quick DIY with you all.


  • 1 egg
  • 1 ripe banana
  • 3 tablespoon of honey
  • few drops of rose water



  1. Beat the egg in a bowl.

(EGG helps in adding shine to the hair as it has a lot of proteins.)

  1. Now add a mashed banana to the egg along with 3 tablespoon of honey.

(You can also grind the banana in the mixer but make sure it’s of the right thickness.)

BANANA moisturizes and softens the scalp and hair. They are high in vitamin A, B, E and are a good source of potassium, zinc, iron and manganese.

HONEY gives a nice shine along with moisture to the hair.

  1. Now add a few drops of rose water to it and mix it well.

             Consistency neither too thick nor too liquidy.


  1. Wear an old tee-shirt/top and put a towel around your shoulders to avoid the mess.
  1. Apply this hair mask on the roots of your hair section by section. You don’t need to be perfect with the sections, just take them randomly.
  1. After you are done with the roots, move to the hair from roots to tips.
  1. Massage well onto the scalp.
  1. Keep it for around 30 to 45 minutes and then wash it off with your regular shampoo and conditioner.

You can see the change in the texture of your hair from the very first use. You can repeat this twice a week and after a few sessions only you’ll see a huge difference in the texture and you will notice some hair growth!

So try this out and let me know how this DIY mask has worked for you.