Hey there lovelies, It’s Jay here! I am taking over this blog today 😛


I am Jayashree Haldar, an Indian Youtuber, Product Reviewer, Nail Art and DIY OBSESSED 😛

I am here to share a really easy and classy Nail Art and it contains glitter. If you love Glitter (well, who doesn’t!) then you must give yourself a glitter manicure. You can make your nails as subtle or as jazzy as you want. If you’re going out to party, then let loose and go full on bling with super sparkly glitter nails. And if you want an everyday manicure, then maybe just a little dash of glitter to brighten things up. Either way, glitter is sure to cheer you up on dull days and make you feel young and cheery.

So, I am going to show you how to achieve this step by step. I really hope you like it… If you do, tell me below. It’s quite easy and fun to make this. You don’t need any kind of extra tool or some sort of fancy nail art equipment for this.

So for this, things you Need are: –


• Two glitter polishes of your choice, I used: Pink Champagne & All That Glitters by Maybelline
• Black Nail polish, I used: Blackout by Maybelline
• Base Coat and Top Coat, I used: Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle
• Scotch tape, yes that’s our secret weapon for this Mani
• & Scissors to cut thin strips.


• I started with base coat, it is the most important step ‘coz it protects your natural nails from staining and keeps it healthy (you seriously don’t want the stain, trust me!)
• After your base coat is dry, apply one good coat of Black polish so that you nail is totally opaque, and let it dry completely.
• While your black polish is drying, cut some really thin strips from the tape and before you do so make sure that you stick it on your palm to remove some stickiness of the tape, so that when you place it on your nails it doesn’t mess your nail polish. You need about 10 strips.


• When your black nail polish is completely dry, yes make sure it’s totally dry or else everything will get messy. So when it’s dry place the thin strips on nails; one diagonally and the second one joining the diagonal strip making a triangle. Like the picture here.


• Once you have the tapes on place, paint one side with gold and the other with pink or color of your choice, and leave one side blank.
• Let the polishes dry completely and carefully remove the tape strips, and you’ll see the straight crisp line (dayum, so professional!)
• Fix your Mani with a Top coat and add a beautiful shine. And there you have it and Glittery Classy Nail Art.



I really hope you like this easy nail art that literally takes about 10 minutes to do. There are no rules, just go with a flow and use the colors you like, that makes you happy! But remember to always apply two layers of top coat (clear polish) to seal your nail art and help it last long.

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Have a great day lovelies!!