I recently came across a page on Instagram called ‘Instaglam’ which is owned by Mahira – a beauty and aroma therapist and skin esthetician. She makes amazing products, which are all handmade and free from parabens, SLS and chemicals. These products are free from preservatives too and that is why they are made in small batches and every customer is given the freshest product.


VITAMIN C CLEANSER : (Rs. 200 for 60ml)

This Vitamin C Cleanser is a soap free cleanser, which is great as a cleaner with soap usually dries out the skin and clogs the pores. This one doesn’t do that at all. The cleanser comes in a pump packaging bottle, which is convenient, and travel friendly. The only thing I don’t like about the packaging is it doesn’t mention any information except for the name of the product.

Coming to the cleanser, it has a very nice citrusy fragrance (somewhat similar to that of Cinthol soap – lighter version of it). I absolutely love this fragrance. It has a medium consistency, i.e. neither too thick nor too runny. It lathers up pretty well and after wash the face looks squeaky clean.

Vitamin C is known to be great for skin as it protects the skin from any sort of damage and ageing too. Presence of Vitamin C as a base ingredient in this cleanser makes it an amazing product.

With continuous usage, you’ll notice a healthy glow on your face. Your skin will look bright and radiant.


ANTI-BLEMISH BAY CREAM (Rs. 375 for 50gm)

Firstly, the ingredients list of this cream is amazing. From tea tree to jojoba oil to aloe Vera to geranium, they have made sure to put in amazing ingredients that help in getting rid of blemishes.

This cream has a very soft and soothing fragrance. It glides on easily on the skin and it is very easy to massage it too as it gets easily absorbed. Even the tub packaging is very convenient to use though not travel friendly. I have been using this cream for a month now and I can say it with confidence that yes it does help in getting rid of blemishes. After using it for 4-5 days only, you’ll start noticing the difference. It even gives a healthy glow to the face and makes it look clear with continuous usage.


FLAWLESS BEAUTY SERUM (Rs. 500 for 15ml)

This serum comes in a bottle packaging with a dropper cap, which is an ideal packaging for a serum, but the bottle leaks a lot hence it is not at all travel friendly. The flawless beauty serum has a strong fragrance, which stays for long. This fragrance may bother some but I personally didn’t have any problem with it.

Every night I apply about 2-3drop of this (though they mention 7-8 drops but that would be a lot) on my face and the skin immediately absorbs it. In the morning, the skin doesn’t feel dry of flaky at all. Even the makeup looks flawless. It has definitely helped me in getting rid of my dry patches, which used to make my makeup look not that great. It even hydrates the skin really well. My skin feels so soft and smooth ever since I have started using it.

Overall, I quite like their products and if you too are looking for natural, chemical free products then you can try out products from Instaglam .


Find them on Instagram here.


Thank you!