I recently came across this product called Coconex Oil from Nexa Lifesciences which is a cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, absolutely free from any sort of chemicals. So let’s explore this product further –





Price- Rs 180 for 60 ml



The product has a standard light (sky) blue bottle packaging which looks cute to be honest. It is very light weight as it is only 60 ml of product in it. It has a twist around cap with a second plastic closure inside. The oil has a pleasant fragrance too somewhat similar to that of some ice-cream.  The packaging has every sort of information that you would ever need about this product.

Now, when I read the word ‘cold- pressed’ on their site and ‘virgin’ coconut oil on the bottle, I expected it to have thick consistency but no, it has  a light and non-greasy consistency. Its texture is very light which makes it apt for the skin as well as hair and it gets completely absorbed too.



  • Cold pressed coconut oil along with aloe vera, jojoba oil and vitamin E & A and has a lot of skin and hair benefits.
  • An all-rounder product for skin and hair.
  • Light texture make it apt for skin too.
  • Lighten scars too with continued usage.
  • Prevents premature greying of hairs and repairs split ends.
  • Works as a great night serum and makeup remover too.
  • Can be used as a cuticle oil.
  • Has anti-aging properties .

….. And a lot more uses


Overall this product is very beneficial as it can be used in a gazillion ways. I really enjoy using this multi-tasker product.

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