Back acne or ‘bacne’ is a very common condition, which is usually seen during summers. This condition doesn’t allow you to feel confident while wearing any of your favorite backless dress or just makes it uncomfortable for you.

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You need to take care of lot things to treat these bacne because it is very essential to treat them as they can lead to pesty marks too (if scratched).


Tips to prevent or cure bacne –


  1. Soaps, Shampoo and Body wash –

Some ingredients present in our soaps, shampoo and body wash can actually clog our pores, preventing them from breathing. Such products should be avoided.

Go for products that are natural and organic as they are gentle on the skin.


  1. Clothes –

Avoid fitted clothes and rather go for loose cotton clothes so that your skin gets to breath.


  1. Take a shower regularly –

Do not skip shower, especially after exercising or gyming. You need to get rid of all the dirt, oil and sweat from the body. You need to keep your body cool all the time.


  1. Eat Healthy –

Eat healthy fruits and veggies and avoid excessive oil in food. Avoid too much of dairy products too as it can trouble your bacne.


  1. Consult a good Dermatologist –

If you feel that your bacne are not leaving, you need to consult a dermatologist immediately as he/she will suggest the right skin care products for you.


So, these are a few tips which, if followed, will calm down your bacne and will clear you back.

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    very helpful one! now I know how to take care!