Welcome to my first ever blog sale. Following are the rules for the blog sale –

  • Sale will be on first-come first-serve basis. Once you decide to buy anything, you can either drop a mail on or whatsapp me on 9999708588 to confirm the purchase.
  • Sale is open to people residing in India only and the shipping cost is Rs. 80.
  • Tracking Details will be provided, I wouldn’t be held responsible for any loss or damage during the transit.
  • NEFT or Paytm transfers are accepted.
  • Once payment is received, product will be shipped within 5-6 days.
  • All the pictures below show current state of the product, for accurate color/ more swatches please search on the internet.

  1. Everteen Vaginal Tightening and Revitalizing Gel (50gm) – Brand new

MRP- Rs.1999                  Sale price –Rs.1300

  1. VLCC Shape Up Slimming Oil (100ml) – Brand new

MRP– Rs.255                   Sale price- Rs.190


  1. Make Up Revolution Lipsticks – Brand new

(No shade or product name mentioned as these were part of Advent Calender Collection 2016)

MRP- Rs. 250 each                    Sale  price- Rs.170 each

  1. Make Up Revolution Lip Gloss – Brand new (SOLD)

MRP- Rs.295 each                    Sale price- Rs.200

  1. Sheet Masks – Brand new

-April Skin Honey And Grinseng Mask

MRP- $3.5 = Rs.225                Sale price- Rs.150

-April Skin Mummy Mud Mask (SOLD)

MRP- $5 =Rs.322                     Sale price- Rs.200

-Krishkare Age Delay Mask (SOLD)

MRP- Rs.200                           Sale price- Rs.100

  1. Lipz Lip Moisturizer SPF 15 –Brand new

MRP– Rs.99                Sale price- Rs.70

  1. Matra Holistic Lip Care(Kiwi) – Used once (SOLD)

MRP- Rs.199                Sale price- Rs.140

  1. April Skin Turn Up Color Treatment (Orange, Pink, Peach Pink) – Brand new

MRP- $9.90 = Rs.638 each                   Sale price- Rs.400 each

  1. April Skin Magic Snow Sun Cream (SPF50/PA++)- Used 2-3 times (SOLD)

MRP- $23 = Rs.1484                      Sale price- Rs.800

  1. April Skin No Smudge Eye Doll Brush Pen Liner (Brown) – Brand new (SOLD)

MRP- $15 = Rs.968                          Sale price- Rs.400

  1. Votre Rejuvenating Hair Oil (30ml) – Brand new (SOLD)

MRP- Sample size                Sale price- Rs.100

  1. Moksha Essential Oil ( Geranium) – Brand new

MRP- Rs.195                          Sale price- Rs.140

  1. Iraya Kumkumadi Facial Oil (10ml) – Used twice (SOLD)

MRP- Rs.995                         Sale price- Rs.700

  1. Sensatia Botonical Essential Oil (Geranium Leaf) – 10ml – Brand new (SOLD)

MRP- $14.50 =Rs.935           Sale price- Rs.600

  1. Make Up Revolution Eye Primer (SOLD)

MRP- Rs.350              Sale price- Rs.240

  1. Maybelline Fit Me Concealer (10-Light) – Used thrice. (SOLD)

MRP- Rs.500             Sale price- Rs.300

  1. Bindu’s Almond Scrub Cum Pack (50gm) – Brand new

MRP- Rs.108                Sale price- Rs.70

  1. Spis Skin Care Soap – Brand new (SOLD)

MRP- Rs.69                  Sale price- Rs.35

  1. Epicilin Cleansing Lotion (125ml) – Brand new

MRP- Rs.135                Sale price- Rs.80

  1. Make Up Revolution Bronzer – Brand new (SOLD)

MRP- Rs.360                      Sale price- Rs.220

  1. Geri G Blending Powder (Cheeky/Eye Duo) (Bashful/Glowing Duo) – Used once (SOLD)

MRP- Rs.2500                   Sale price- Rs.1300

  1. City Color Cheek Stain (Berry) – Used thrice (SOLD)

MRP- Rs.400                      Sale price- Rs.220

  1. Flamour Quartet Eye Shadow – Brand new

MRP- Rs.(not known)           Sale price- Rs. 350

  1. Patchology Pedicure Kit ( Has two treatments) – Brand new

MRP- Rs.1613                        Sale price- Rs.999


  1. Freedom Pro Stroke And Contour Palette With Brush – Used 2-3 times

MRP- Rs.1799                     Sale price- 1299

  1. The Nature’s Co. Rosemary Hibiscus Hair Mask (25gm) – Brand new (SOLD)

MRP- Rs.230                      Sale price – Rs.160

  1. Ma Earth Botonicals Exfoliating Facial Scrub (20g) – Brand new

MRP- Sample size            Sale price- Rs.120

28. B’atude organic exfoliating body scrub ( used only once)

MRP- Rs. 2000            Sale price- Rs.1200

29. VLCC Sandal cleansing milk (brand new)

MRP- Rs. 160            Sale price- Rs.120

30. Sensatia Botanicals Surf Naked sunscreen with SPF30 ( used only once)

MRP- $12.5 = Rs. 810            Sale price- Rs. 600


31. Sensatia Botanicals Amber rose facial dram cream ( brand new)

MRP- $24 = Rs. 1550            Sale price- Rs.900

32. AprilSkin fixing lip tint – Bloody Mary (Matte liquid lipstick) ( only swatched once)

MRP- $12 = Rs. 780           Sale price- Rs.600

33. AprilSkin Rose Glam moisture cover foundation – No. 23 – Natural Beige ( for light/medium skin tone) (Brand new)

MRP- $31 = Rs. 2000        Sale price- Rs.1600

                                        Image source –

34. NYX HD Blush – shade – Hamptons ( brand new)

MRP- Rs. 600        Sale price- Rs. 500

                                           Image source –

35. Barever hair inhibitor cream ( brand new)

MRP- Rs. 1110        Sale price- Rs. 800

Image source –

34. NYX Lip Lingerie – shade – Delicate Lust ( brand new)

See the swatch here.

MRP- Rs. 650        Sale price- Rs. 500