ESTRELLA INTENSO LIGHTENING FACIAL CLEANSER ESTRELLA INTENSO LIGHTENING FACIAL CLEANSER WITH TRI-LACTIV TECH ALL-IN-ONE OIL CONTROL BRIGHTENING & FAIRNESS FACE WASH FOR OILY/COMBINATION SKIN FOR MEN & WOMEN  November is here but Delhi’s hot and humid weather is not in a mood to say bye and this weather is like a curse for people with oily skin, it just makes […]

HUGE POUNDLAND UK HAUL #FoundatPoundland P.S. = £ 1 = 87 INR approx. Poundland is a chain of stores in UK that sells most of the items at £1 (1 pound) be it from any category – makeup, skincare, kitchen, gardening, healthcare etc. They stock their in-house brand as well as various other famous drugstore brands. I wish we had […]