All of us know how great and beneficial Aloe Vera gel is for our skin and hair.  It has antibacterial properties, amino acids, vitamin A, B, C and E and what not. And I don’t think I need to emphasize more on its benefits so I will quickly jump on to my top 10 uses of Aloe Vera gel.


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Aloe Vera gel is of great help in controlling and reducing dandruff. All you need to do is apply the Aloe Vera gel from roots to tips and massage well. Wash off after an hour.

TIP: You can also add some lemon juice to the gel because lemon also helps in getting rid of dandruff.



Aloe Vera gel helps in lengthening, strengthening and conditioning the eyelashes. You can apply either pure Aloe Vera gel or any other packed one available in the market, every night on your lashes and you will definitely see a huge difference within a week or so.

Alternatively, you can also take equal amounts of Aloe Vera gel and castor oil and store it in a small container and then you can apply this serum onto your lashes every night.


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Aloe Vera gel, if used regularly, helps in reducing acne and fades it scares too with time. It dries out the acne instantly but moisturizes the skin too. Apply and leave it overnight to see the results.


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As we all know that Aloe Vera gel is anti– inflammatory, when applied on the under eye area, it works on the puffiness and swelling from within.


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Aloe Vera gel is known for having vitamin E in it. You can mix some amount of Aloe Vera gel in your face mask and see its magic working. You can also add honey and lemon juice to the mask because they too are great for skin. A mixture of all these items makes the skin clear, firm and glowy.


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You can apply a tiny amount of Aloe Vera gel to your brows just like you apply it to your lashes.

You can also apply the same eyelash serum (Aloe Vera + castor oil) to the lashes too.


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Tired of looking for a budget friendly toner. Worry not, now you can make your own toner at home using Aloe Vera gel. Take a spray bottle or any regular bottle to make your toner. Fill it half way with rose water with about 1/4th portion of Aloe Gera gel and voila! Your toner is ready.

TIP: If you find this toner a little sticky, you can add some more rose water to it.



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Aloe Vera gel works as a great primer. Take a tiny amount of the gel and apply it onto your face and let it absorb into the skin. Then you can continue with your makeup. It makes your makeup look flawless.


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Aloe Vera gel also works as a great moisturizer. It softens the skin and keeps it hydrated for pretty long.

TIP: You can also apply it to your cracked heels and it will leave your feet smooth.


10 follow . MAKEUP REMOVER

Many makeup removers these days contain harsh chemicals that make the skin look dry and lifeless. Aloe Vera gel on the other hand gives life even to the driest skin. Take a good amount of Aloe Vera gel onto a cotton ball and swipe the make up.

P.S. – If you are too lazy to use fresh aloe vera gel everyday, then you can also use the ones available in the market.



I hope you find these hacks of using Aloe Vera gel useful and try these out to see the difference.